Kur arkitektët bëjnë gjëra të çmendura, shtëpitë me pamje të çuditshme

Shumica e profileve të Instagramit janë të mbushura me foto që tregojnë gjëra të bukura, por një belg ka zgjedhur që të tregojë në fakt shtëpitë më të shëmtuara në Belgjikë.

“Ugly Belgian Houses” përmban mbi 1400 foto të shtëpive me një pamje që është pak t’i thuash e çuditshme.

Mënyra e ndërtimit të shtëpive varion shumë pasi në Belgjikë ligji është liberal kur vjen puna te ndërtimi i shtëpive.

Hannes Coudenys, personi që poston këto foto, thotë se merr shumë ankesa nga bashkatdhetarët e tij: “90% e belgëve janë të mërzitur me mua. Më vijnë shumë ankesa dhe ofendime.

One of the bizarre-looking homes that has featured on the Instagram account Ugly Belgian Houses, run by Belgian blogger Hannes Coudenys
This bizarre-shaped stone built home, complete with two concrete birds sitting at the top, makes the cut for the account, which has 55,000 followers
Rock on: This unusual-shaped house has been given the caption 'Game of Stones'
Hannes puts the large number of bizarrely designed homes in Belgium down to the fact the country has liberal laws when it comes to house building
Not everyone is happy with Hannes' hobby, and he says: 'I would say 90 per cent of Belgians are mad at me. I get a lot of hate mail and letters from lawyers'
Did these homeowners 'check' with the neighbours that it was fine to give the exterior of their house a new design?
Several of Hannes' followers remarked that this house looks remarkably like a Transformers toy or a Rubik's Cube
So close, and yet so far, from being the fairy-tale house of someone's dreams
Get matching bricks? Why bother? Another peculiar entry in the ugly houses hall of fame
There's plenty of room left for triangle windows, and hexagonal windows, and trapezoid windows...
One of the fans of the account Ugly Belgian Houses commented on this picture, sarcastically writing: 'This house could use a few more windows'
Ugly Belgian Houses contains over 1,400 pictures of houses that are, well – peculiar, including this one
Well, at least roof repairs are easy to carry out on this hilariously odd construction...
Twin peaks: Why have one strange pyramid home when you can have two?
The cheeky caption that Hannes wrote to go with this picture was: '100 signs you’ve outgrown your partner'
When architectural blue prints get accidentally replaced by a child's drawing of a castle
This house looks like it's been pixelated - maybe the designer was a fan of old school video games?
When all sorts of nope meets all sorts of wrong, this is the result
There's probably a lovely house lurking somewhere inside this roof

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